Applications supported to date by Kernan Systems and partners

Emergency & First Responders

The immediate benefit is giving commanders new “eyes” on incidents without needing helicopters or putting personnel in harm’s way. Getting eyes and equipment to the event with drones reduces time saving lives.That goes for any crisis local or in remote locations, including accidents, fires, hazmat situations, severe weather, terrorist attacks, actice shooter events and many more events that require immediate life saving actions.

 Departments called to tanker leaks or chemical spills can arrive on scenes and when it is unclear what the spill is, drones can get close enough to read the labels or attempt to identify the liquid without sending personnel close to the unknown.

 When combating structure fires drones provide invaluable perspective on hot spots and potential hazards. For incident commanders charged with sending men and women into those buildings. They can see high definition imaging of what’s on the ground. Or in the case of infrared photography, firefighters can attach a FLIR thermal imaging camera to search for missing persons or detect hot spots from the air.

Infrared UAV also assist in the search for missing or lost persons.

Drone Delivery CPR & AED

The defibrillator drone that can beat ambulance times
A drone which could deliver a defibrillator to a person suffering from a cardiac arrest is being tested by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.
Trial flights have the shown the drones can arrive at a destination four times faster than an ambulance.
After cardiac arrest, the chances of survival decrease by 10% for every minute that an individual goes without cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or defibrillation.
Some 300,000 people die of cardiac arrest in Europe each year.

Search & Rescue

Lifeguard Drone Systems 
The drone can arrive to the struggling swimmer before the lifeguard and drop an inflatable device to keep the swimmer afloat until the lifeguard arrives. By the time the lifeguard can run to the shore line the emergency floatation device can be delivered to the swimmer in destress saving hundreds of lives.The same is true for search and resue at sea, especially when waves can block line of site for the swimmers.


ENR companies in construction and earth moving reduce costs and win more business with job site data and analytics. The ability to track progress on highways, well pads, mines, and landfills in near real-time.Mapping 100 acres in 20 minutes dramatically increases team productivity. Monitoring multiple job sites in real time reduces cost.

Thermal Imaginng

Firefighters use them to see through smoke, find people and localize hotspots of fires. Law enforcement uses the technology to manage surveillance activities, locate and apprehend suspects, investigate crime scenes and conduct search and rescue operations. Power line maintenance technicians locate overheating joints and parts to eliminate potential failures.Solar panel inspections locate problem areas in minutes rather than days. Building inspections for water damage and hot spots save time and money and reduce risk to workers. 

Facilities Maintenance  Management

Drone technology for building and site surveys, for industry, educational campuses, sport venues, athletic fields, parks or any property need requiring maintenance needs to be surveyed for condition and scheduled maintenance inspections. 

  • Significantly reduced access costs
  • Issues are instantly identified and quantified.
  • Highlights building defects which would otherwise not be identified
  • Eliminates risks associated with working at height.
  • Quick deployment with minimal disruption and inconvenience
  • Ensure properties maintenance meets required standards

Churches, Schools, Temples, Mosques

Drone site monitoring for large crowds, individuals of interest or the campus physical condition, drones provide safety for your community and security for your assets. Structural inspections or a survey for a roof condition, exterior facade of a multi-level building, bridge, hard to reach structure, extreme weather damage area assessment or a general aerial assessment Kernan Systems provides a cost saving solution.