Status Solutions partnering with Kernan Systems is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. Our customized software solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication. From emergency alerting and response management to self-service, we help organizations better collect, process, interpret and deliver their data. Real-time, detailed notifications about potential threats to people, property, business and convenience/comfort enable customers to better manage risk while also transforming their business operations.

Originally a military term referring to a pilot's operational status and knowledge of immediate threats. Situational awareness is now a broader risk management strategy and an actual technology framework for improving life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. With SARA, the Situational Awareness and Response Assistant, any organization can improve communication, workflow and service through automated alerting - especially in the event of an emergency. If you can read, hear and see what's happening in real time, you can do something about it. From a blown fuse to a life-and-death scenario, SARA helps prevent operational disruptions and speeds emergency response. Real-time and historical reports then let you analyze response times and protocols to identify problems and make improvements to prevent loss of life, property, business and convenience or comfort. 

Integrated Alarm Management and Automatic Mass Notification

SARA is an automated alerting engine that integrates stand-alone alarm and communication systems for centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting. Such unification ensures that critical data is delivered to the right people so they can address an unfolding situation in the right way. Inefficient, stand-alone alarms are converted into real-time, detailed notifications to key individuals, select groups/response teams or entire populations via the designated communication end points. SARA's modes and actions automatically set alerting/mass notification in motion when a triggering event occurs, according to your protocols and escalation paths. Your existing networks, sensors and devices work together, without silos, to improve communication and information flow. Such interoperability also means that legacy systems don't have to be ripped out and replaced.

One alerting platform, multiple situational awareness capabilities

We work with each customer and Kernan Systems to design a reliable, scalable and sustainable SARA system for maximum performance, minimal maintenance and easy administration. The inputs and outputs will differ based on the customer environment, but the goal is to prevent ignorance-based loss by ensuring that awareness transactions - alerts - are delivered to the people who need to know what's happening, where it's happening, and what to do about it. Following the discovery process, we'll determine the best design for your situational awareness framework to produce your desired outcomes. Following is a list of SARA's capabilities:

Centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting for all life safety, security and environmental monitoring systems
Mass notification capabilities and services to broadcast real-time emergency alerts plus general announcements, courtesy reminders and other content

Local or premise-based mobile duress with approximate location data through vector mapping

Wide-area mobile duress with GPS tracking, advanced fall detection and hands-free, two-way talk

Desktop alerts including color-coded text and audio
Video paging to desktops including live video from integrated security cameras
Mobile dashboards for built-in, seamless situational awareness on the go
Digital signage via CCTV
Self-service via online, mobile and kiosk options

Predictive analytics to predict future risks through more personal, proactive and predictive alerting and reporting

Assignment of point-of-care alerts to clinician/caregiver mobile devices

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