Drone FAA 107 Flight Training

Kernan Systems offers drone services and hands-on FAA 107 flight training. We provide training and services for drone solutions including inspections and monitoring worksites, events and other commercial operations. Today we continue to lead the way in developing situational awareness and security systems by adding drone services to these and other security systems.

With our partners, we train and certifying drone pilots in specialized applications. We offer full service options for your specific requirements or train your drone pilots to inspect properties, monitor job sites, perform accident investigations, analyze data collected, use FLIR thermal imaging and assisting in emergency response teams from SAR to assisting first responders making your team ready to save lives when seconds count.

Course lessons include:
Launching, flying & landing
Advanced maneuvers 
Programmed flight paths
Emergency procedures
Advanced training includes:
FAA Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COA)
FAA Flight Restrictions
Airspace Classifications
Airport Operations
Radio Communications
Aviation Weather
Crew Resource Management
Aeronautical Decision Making

Train your personnel to use drones for your unique mission. Our partners UAV experts can provide specialized training in:
Thermal Imaging & FLIR
Search & Rescue
Water Rescue
Fire Scene
Aerial Photography & Videography
Suspect Tracking
Incident Investigation
Flight Inside a Structure
Night Flight Operations

Kernan Systems with it's valued partners can meet your requirements and service your needs nationwide.
Contact Kernan Systems to discuss drone opportunities for your operations at info@kernansystems.com or 202.827.9767