Kernan Systems and partners offer consulting services for designing a strategy to integrate drone technology into your business workflow. We help with equipment selection, training, data capture and analysis and more.

Kernan Systems produces a full line of commerical drone services for security, monitoring, inspections, emergency response, aerial imaging and a variety of professional applications. Safe, ultra-light and easy to use, these highly automated data collection tools and delivery systemms are employed by customers around the world in fields such as surveying, security, agriculture, GIS, industrial inspection, mining, humanitarian aid and assisting first responders.

Kernan Systems offers drone services and hands-on FAA 107 flight training. We provide services for inspections and monitoring worksites, events and other commercial operations. Today Kernan Systems and it's partners continue to lead the way in developing situational awareness and security systems now adding drone AI and robotic technologies.

Most industries are exploring or at least thinking about using drone technology for parts of their operations. We have listed 5 keys considerations in helping to make the decision as to provide drone services in-house or to using a solution provider. Kernan Systems provides solutions for both scenarios and our professionals will help you choose solutions. See the Solution Provider vs In-House Page.

Too often, construction companies are relying on outdated, inaccurate topographical maps for calculating data such as cut-and-fill quantities. By capturing discrepancies in design drawings early on, however, contractors can save millions of dollars in costs. Using our drone mapping and surveying tools and data analysis reports construction companies are quickly, precisely and safely mapping areas that are difficult to access by foot, such as elevated terrain, resulting in more precise data. The ability to access and share job site data in near real-time is a valuable business and communications tool for providing progress reports to various stakeholders and by discovering discrepancies faster, issues related to quantities and costs can be addressed sooner eliminating surprises helps keep all stake holders on board allowing more time for adjustments.

With our partners, we train and certifying drone pilots in specialized applications. We offer full service options for your specific requirements or train your drone pilots to inspect properties, monitor job sites, accident investigation, FLIR thermal imaging, protecting assets and assisting in emergency response from SAR to assisting first responders, ready to save lives when seconds count.

Aerial thermal infrared inspection services and surveys are in demand for commercial property. Our expertise is in aerial infrared imaging benefits for multiple industries; inspections for buildings, solar panels, search and rescue (SAR), utility companies and a much-needed tool for facility maintenance management. Infrared (thermographic) inspections require no contact with the property, this process eliminates workers risk climbing on your roof and possibly falling and cuts time to a fraction of manual on-foot inspections. Thermography (FLIR) equipment can rapidly identify hidden damage, water damage or structural damage to the site. We can also help with aerial energy assessments reducing cost and verifying what repairs may be needed or additions to your systems to improve efficiency, saving lives, time and money.

Kernan Systems with it's valued partners providing companies with solutions, service and support nationwide since 1981.

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