Turn-Key, Industry Specific, Customized Programs & Application Design and Development

Kernan Systems, LLC specializes in all kinds of computer programs and application design in Burtonsville, Maryland. We frequently work in health care industries and school systems, but our clients come from many different backgrounds.

Kernan Systems, specializes in system engineering, custom application design, development and implementation in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, industry, security, government, food service and a variety of small to large scale commercial businesses. Kernan Systems is based in Washington DC serving clients nationwide since 1981.

In 1985 with our partner HRL and Associates we developed and offered one of the first fully computerized Facilities Maintenance Management System (TMS). TMS was immediately adopted by manufacturing, utility companies, educational systems and property management companies.

In 1981 Kernan Systems designed its first Point of Sale System (KS-POS) using an Apple II computer for its retail computer stores. The KS-POS evolved with multiple rewrites and operating systems from a standalone product written in MS-DOS to Microsoft Windows with full reporting, statistical analysis, full featured security features including CCTV monitoring operating across campus locations and remote sites.

In 1994 Kernan Systems was commissioned by Morrison Healthcare Systems (MHC) to design, develop and implement the first Handheld Bedside Patient System (KS-BPM) for hospitals, retirement communities and extended resident care operations. These systems are in use today nationally and in the UK. For hundreds of hospital environments and resident care facilities Kernan Systems designed, developed and implemented the Patient Order Management System (KS-POMS) for Morrison Healthcare Systems. KS-POMS was integrated into hospital mainframe systems for ATD's using HL7 ensuring all patient data was updated in real time. These systems were implemented and deployed nationally in hospitals and healthcare operations for both MHC and Compass Food Service-healthcare facilities internationally.

Over the past 30 plus years Kernan Systems has served multiple industries including; educational systems, retail, facilities maintenance operations, fuel oil companies, supply chain and warehouse operations, federal, state and local governments, hospitals and retirement communities to name several applications.

With our partners we are again in the forefront to revolutionize industries with the newest technologies including drones, AI and robotics. Drones equipped with custom software with remote sensing; data collection, 3D imaging and thermal mapping processes are now in the mainstream. The benefits of incorporating drone technologies revolutionize industry operations including; construction, security, education, and healthcare. Inspections and monitoring increase operating efficiency, improve worker safety and security saving time and money!


We provide a free initial consultation to determine the needs of each unique client and determine if our products and services are a good fit for the desired goals. We do not believe in the one size fits all concept. Consultants are available at our Washington DC office or via telephone, video conference and scheduled on-site visits.

Systems Design & Integration

System design is the stage we review and get a full understanding of your business operations and goals.

Our staff then will present a proposal and business model for approval. The next step is the applications development design and the beta program or programs for approval and testing. We craft the system in terms of features and functions that are needed to meet the individual requirements for each clients' application. Once the programs are approved and fully tested we install the systems and remain on site for a predetermined time frame to ensure the specification requirements are met and approved. Change orders for specifications must be submitted in writing and approved by both parties. After the site is in operation an additional review is performed by the staff and management to determine if additional features or change orders are desired that require an addendum.


Custom Programs

Kernan Systems develops custom software and hardware applications, installs and maintains all systems. A standard full one-year warranty is included with all of our systems. All upgrades and enhancements to each system will be without charge for the first year. Extended maintenance and service agreements are available, ask for details. Our systems work as standalone products or integrate the applications and equipment into existing systems, including legacy systems.

Our programmers have developed programs for multinational companies such as Compass, Sodexho, US Department of State and national healthcare systems. We work with local and state governments, military, school systems as well as small and midsize business nationally. Our custom products include bedside patient management systems, facilities management, custom point of sale (POS) with security CCTV, ID systems, security and payroll deduction systems to name a few. If you need a custom program or an upgrade to your existing operation we work in all environments, cloud, mainframe, mini, PC's and networks on any platform.

Contact our team for more information about the process for creating solutions for your operation.