Application Development & Systems Integration- Drone (UAV) Systems - Security & Life Safety Systems

Computer Icon  From design to implementation Kernan Systems specializes in Custom Programming applications. With leading innovations, we develop turn-key applications for industry, government, educational institutions, healthcare and business of all sizes including international companies. Since 1981 we developed custom hardware and software solutions with the latest technologies and equipment. Leading the industry in 1985 with our partner HRL and Associates we developed and offered one of the first fully computerized Facilities Maintenance Management Systems. Kernan Systems products and services can integrate into your existing systems or we can create customized solutions from the ground up. Our professional consultants continue to incorporate the most advanced, but proven technologies for Drone Technologies, mobile, enterprise or stand alone solutions.

When you need Security Systems that are cost effective, easily integrated into existing systems and user-friendly, we have the answer. There are several different approaches to upgrading your existing systems, installing complete campus wide security or for specific departments, even residential with the latest technologies. Seconds save lives and limit panic, harm and destruction.

Mobile Applications, campus, or enterprise wide solutions. Drone monitoring, inspections and surveillance benefit first responders and emergency teams with quick analysis. Inspections for monitoring projects and avoiding problems. Kernan Systems offers a variety of options partnering with internationally recognized leaders in their fields.

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Life Safety

Seconds save lives and limit harm and destruction with our life safety systems. Tactical 1st Aid, RED CROSS CPR & AED training and Stop the Bleed Tourniquet Training for the non-medically trained. Situational Awareness reporting to limit harm or adverting a disaster by alerting response teams and authorities within seconds. With mobile applications, campus, or enterprise wide, Kernan Systems offers a varity of solutions partnering with internationally recognized leaders in their fields. From Active Shooter Detection to Mass Notification, we protect, dispatching police, fire or on-site teams selected from predefined response planning. Drone Systems, Personal Alarms, Panic Buttons and Asset Tracking systems assisting emergency response teams. Providing Emergency Response Kits and Tourniquets and actionable information reducing risk and saving lives.

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Kernan Systems headquartered in Washington DC, providing turnkey systems nationwide since 1981. We design, code, provide the turn-key application, hardware and supporting software, we install and maintain all of our systems. Partnering with internationally recognized companies in their fields we create the best custom systems possible meeting the unique needs of our clients. Kernan Systems has established a reputation for implementing the latest proven technologies, personalized service and outstanding customer support.

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